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Oh boy, summer vacation has finally come and you get to sleep in for once! Isn't it great to wake up late on a Saturday? Hey, isn't today the family barbeque? You didn't forget to make the potato salad did you? YOU DID!?!? BETTER MAKE SOME POTATO SALAD QUICK!!!\n\n Use your potato cannon to blast a potato through the fence in your back yard to make the potato salad.\n Make the best salad you can by applying as much dressing as seasoning as possible to an unscathed potato. \n Control your dog with your mouse and protect the potato from the birds by clicking on them (not working yet...sorry), but don't send him into a rock or tree! \n Activate the dressing and seasoning devices with the enter button when the potato closes in on them.

Published Aug 02, 2014


10_second_potato_salad.jar 9 MB